Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekly Goals (Jan 29 - Feb 4) & Update

This weeks goals:
After reflecting on last week, I see that I've accomplished some of the bigger things on my list.  Even though everything didn't get done, I'm still moving forward.
  • Foreign Language:
    • Read short stories for French
    • Answer questions on short stories
    • Finish exercises in chap 6 of French book
    • and the new chapter
    • Watch 40 minutes of French TV (only 4x10 minute segments!)
    • take french quiz
    • review all grammar rules covered this term
  • Financial Independence
    • Grocery shop
    • Stay within weekly budget
  • The PhD
    • Finish draft of paper!!
    • Reread key references
    • Outline slides!!! (try for at least 10!)
    • Finish first prototype
    • order supplies
    • meeting with adviser + outside company
  • General Life
    • Exercise (swim x1, run x1, climb x2, hike x1) 
    • Deep clean the kitchen!
    • Get rid of the TV!
    • Swiffer/mop the floors!

LAST WEEKs update (  √  ,  ◊K  , or FAIL ):
  • Foreign Language:
    • Read short stories for French √ 
    • Answer questions on short stories ◊K 
    • Finish exercises in chap 6 of French book ◊K 
    • and the new chapter!FAIL
    • Watch 40 minutes of French TV (only 4x10 minute segments!)FAIL
This week I feel like I just keep falling behind in this class.  I know that I haven't been able to give it as much time as I'd like but I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water.  For right now I've been trying to just keep on pushing and to not give up on these goals completely!
  • Financial Independence
    • Meal plan for the week √ 
    • Grocery shop √ 
    • Stay within weekly budget  √ 
Meals & Budgeting have been going really well recently.  I think part of this was becoming even more open with my SO on this as well as the blog.  Both of those things have been helping me stick to it.  Meal planning is even done for this coming week! (For some reason this usually gets pushed until Monday night...)
  • The PhD
    • Finish draft of paper.FAIL
    • Reread key references ◊K 
    • Outline slides!!! (try for at least 10!)FAIL
    • Finish mold √ 
    • Finish first prototype ◊K 
    • order suppliesFAIL
    • set up meeting with adviser √ 
    • career fair √ 
I realize I didn't get everything I wanted accomplished this week but I'm still feeling good about it.  Finishing the mold took considerably longer than I had thought and I got to chat for a good chunk of time with my adviser and things seem to be moving forward well.
  • General Life
    • Exercise (swim x1FAIL, run x1FAIL, climb x2 √  ◊K , hike x1FAIL
    • Deep clean the bathroom! √ 
    • & kitchen!FAIL
    • Get rid of the TV!FAIL
    • get adequate sleep! (to stay healthy!) √ 
I slept and my body is actually recovering. I didn't get as many things done as I might have liked but it was something!  Hopefully my successes here will help motivate me to continue to make progress!

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