Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekly Goals (Jan 15-21) & Update

This weeks goals:
  • Foreign Language:
    • Read short stories for French
    • Answer questions on short stories
    • Finish exercises in chapter 8 of French book
    • Watch 40 minutes of French TV (only 4x10 minute segments!)
  • Financial Independence
    • Meal plan for the week
    • Grocery shop
    • Stay within weekly budget
  • The PhD
    • Finish draft of paper. 
    • Reread key references
    • Outline slides!!! (try for at least 10!)
    • Finish mold
    • Finish first prototype 
    • order supplies
    • set up meeting with adviser (this shouldn't be as hard as it is...)
  • General Life
    • Exercise (swim x1, run x1, climb x2, hike x1) (we'll try this again..)
    • Deep clean the bathroom!
    • & kitchen!
    • Get rid of the TV!  (I don't even know when it was turned on last...)
LAST WEEKs update:
  • Foreign Language:
    • Read short stories for French  √  
    • Finish exercises in chapter 7 of French book  √  
    • Watch 40 minutes of French TV   I watched 20 minutes.  And I spoke french for about 30 minutes during the week so at least I got some practice in!
  • Financial Independence
    • Meal plan for the week  √  
    • Grocery shop  √  
    • Stay within weekly budget  √  (by 54 cents!)
  • The PhD
    • Finish mini-course   √  
    • Finish draft of paper   I have a reasonable first draft... although it's going to need a lot of work.  A start is better than nothing!
    • Outline slides FAIL
  • General Life
    • Exercise (swim x1FAIL, run x1FAIL, climb x2  + x3!! , hike x1 )
    • Deep clean the bathroom FAIL
    • Take recycling to the recycling center  K  (while some of it was taken care of... I can't credit myself.  Thanks to my SO!)
Sometimes, now matter how hard we try, we just don't have the energy to accomplish everything on our to do lists and this can get discouraging.  I think that by looking back at the successes you did have, it helps us realize that we are, in fact, moving forward. Let's try again!

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