Thursday, May 17, 2012

Moving Update

I'm finally 100% moved in.  My last payment for the old apartment is complete!

It was nice that we had two full weeks of overlap in which to move everything.  I think that made it a lot less stressful.  We kept the loads small and manageable.  I think the biggest loads we brought over took us two elevator trips at most.  It helped that I was moving a short distance so this was possible.  We moved everything with our car.  We didn't have to rent a moving truck which kept our expenses to just the gas for the car.

We Sold Some Furniture which actually made moving a great success in our finances!
We sold a bed, a printer, a lamp, a fan, a couple vacuums (we didn't need to have three of them...).  We also gave away a number of things including a folding table and chairs, a pot and pan set and a set of silverware (all of these things were given to me by friends over the years so I didn't feel right just selling them.)  To be honest, we still have some things that we will sell.  We sold the bare minimum to enable getting all of the stuff into one apartment!

The move has spurred us towards sorting, cleaning, and getting rid of stuff!  This was the first time I lived in an apartment for over a year since I moved out of my parents house at 18.  Every time I move I try to use the opportunity to sort through everything I own and sell or donate items that I no longer need.  This time I went through the books I've collected and donated several paperbacks to the American Book Drive.  I thought it was a great way to get rid of some stuff without spending too much of my time on it.

The best part about moving has been socializing with my roommates.  I've been living without roommates for a number of months, and while I love having my own space, it's also nice to have a more social living situation!  We're all getting along, things are (reasonably) clean and it's great to come home to the smell of food and company!

Overall, moving was a complete success!  By moving ourselves, and using the move as an opportunity to unload some of the stuff we've collected, we actually made money by moving!  It took time, energy and effort, but I think the result was worth it.  :)

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