Tuesday, May 29, 2012

June 2012 Budget

I'm super excited!  This is the first month of paying rent only for the new apartment!  Which means I'm finally spending a reasonable amount of money on housing!
Apartment:  25%!!!  This is down from almost a full 50% of my income because of my move!  I'm now sharing a two bedroom apartment with three people.  Without roommates this would never be possible.

Utilities:  I believe that I've over estimated the cost here.  Since I just moved and summer is quickly heating up, I'm not sure what to expect as we start to use the AC.  I typically like to budget for the largest month of the year and then use any excess to fill in gaps other places in my budget.

Food:  Nothing out of the normal here.  Groceries, groceries and more groceries!  Everyone needs to eat, but I try to cook most of my own food to cut down on costs.

Health:  I've included my climbing gym membership in here now.  Some of this will be put aside in my slush fund as the only health related thing I'm planning on paying this month will be a copay for my doctor's appointment.

Transportation:  I'm starting to set a bit more aside for the infrequent times when I use a car or give gas money.  I'm still playing with this number.  Some of this might end up going towards my bike purchase.

Cell Phone:  Normal month.

Random:  Spending Money?  That's a new concept for me but there are a number of things that I need to get around to buying.

Slush Fund:  My slush fund is in the recovery stage.  With the influx of extra cash I'm hoping to fill it up and then shift to finishing off my emergency fund.  Since I've freed up quite a bit of cash, I'm rethinking starting a retirement account. Right now I'm waiting

Emergency Fund:  Nothing new, same old direct deposit.

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