Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Actual Expenses: June 2012

What a month.  Here is the overview of how June actually went (in comparison to the plan).
Apartment & Utilities: YAY!  I'm still happy with how much these expenses have dropped because of my move!

Food:  I overspent a little bit here... but it was delicious!  The is the hardest place for me to stay within budget.

Health, Transportation & Cell Phone:  Nothing unusual and not a lot of spending so I'm happy with the result.

Random:  This was the first time in a while that I had room in my budget to give myself some spending money.  Apparently I have an easier time resisting ALL spending than I do keeping to a budget.  This is something that I'm going to have to keep an eye on...

Slush Fund & Emergency Fund:  It feels awesome to see a good chunk of my paycheck going into savings!

???:  How can there be question marks in my actual expenses?  At least that's what you should be asking if you're paying attention!  Well the truth is that this is money that I haven't spent (yet - although it's probably money that will be spent soon).  Here's the short version of events.  Initially I was thinking I would just put more money into my slush fund while planning on looking at new bikes.  Then, I started planning to buy a bike sooner than I had anticipated (apparently if you ride a bike that's too small for you 8-10 times more often per week than you had been - especially if this is right after you've messed up a knee that you've previously broken - you start having knee problems...).  Then, I had a family situation where I needed to fly to a relative, and I planned to use this cash for that.  Then, the location of said family situation dramatically changed and a different relative bought me my tickets using their miles.  And now, I think I'm going to go back to buying a new bike.  Hopefully within the next week.  If nothing else unexpected happens.  So this is money that is ear-marked for "something urgent" and has been left in my checking account.  Typically I don't leave much money in my checking account as I find it helps resist my urge to spend money (and any auto-payments go onto my credit cards and I keep careful track of my accounts so I don't feel the need for a buffer to prevent overdraft fees).  However, I feel rather silly moving this into my slush fund to earn the half cent of interest I might be able to get just to move it back out two days later.

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