Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm Moving!

This has been a rather hectic month - even more so for my budget.

I've been talking about moving in with some roommates for some time now but it's going to happen within the next two weeks!  I had been planning for this to happen sometime over the summer but I'm excited to get it done before it starts to get really hot.  (My current apartment doesn't have AC and lugging furniture around in +90˚F heat is not what I call a good time.)  By moving in with roommates I will be saving quite a bit of money each month that I'm hoping to direct immediately towards my emergency fund.

Since I'm moving to an apartment already set up with the internet I called this morning to cancel my service.  It turns out that I've paid for service through the end of the month so I won't have any more internet bills at this apartment.  I had already budgeted the money for this month's bill so that was an immediate savings in my pocket!  I can always appreciate unexpected savings.

In addition to the moving related savings, there were a few other changes that have taken effect this month that will help my bottom line.

At the beginning of the month I was expecting a higher than normal utilities bill because I didn't receive a utilities bill in February.  At the beginning of the month I received all of the bills for February and March and they were just a bit less than I was anticipating! YAY!

I was also expecting a higher than normal cell phone bill.  This is because I finally canceled my ex-fiance's phone.  (There were valid reasons to keep him on until this month and he, of course, had paid his portion up front but the monthly bill was still my responsibility.)  From here on out I'm only paying for one phone. More savings!

I'm still trying to work out all the changes in my budget, but the feeling of cutting expenses and as a result gaining more breathing room is fantastic.  Moving can be expensive, but I think I'll manage to minimize moving related expenses by doing it all myself.  After the move I'll give an update on how I managed to keep those costs low.

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